Still Alive

I must apologize for not updating the site and coming out with new products. In short, we have been a bit busy with other related and unrelated projects. Adapter rings are still selling well, and I have to fire up the injection molder often to make more. If you want more tedious stuff read on.

The truth about small hobby businesses

Small businesses like this require a lot of love (and sometimes money). They are not something to start thinking you are going to be independent and quit you day job anytime soon, if ever. With that comes the chance that they get neglected from time to time while you real life and day job get in the way. I've seen and heard too many examples of where people jump into the business and think it will support them with endless cash flow. The next thing to happen... crash ... more like a hobby train wreck that we talk about for years to come. I'm not interested in having a wreck. I want to make sure the gears keep spinning and not wrecking.

So just what has been going on

It's been about getting caught up on all of those little project I have been putting off for years. Leveling up my skills for work(day job), as that needed to happen.

What's exciting

I have been working on getting another CNC mill ready to help make more molds. This one even has a tool changer on it! Yeah team me! That has been one of the biggest pause moments, the time and money needed to bring something new and better into the mold making process. I'm amazed at how difficult hardware can be. I have another CNC mill, so this one shouldn't be that bad to get going... wrong. Even though they all use the same basic G-Code language, they all have their own little quirks. My latest quirk was solving the issue of the mill crashing into the tool height sensor instead of just touching it. A cheap tool sensor is about $200. I was lucky enough to be able to rebuild it twice from each nutcracker event. It finally works fine. Oh, how many miniatures could I buy instead of a tool sensor? ... plenty. That's an example of the fun I get to have that is all behind the scenes.

So what I am working on now

Forever and a day I have been working on spearmen, and a couple of siege engines. I would like to eventually get my trebuchet and mangonel created. Bother are almost fully designed and some parts of them are ready to be cut into the molds. I've had a few tricky parts I want to make sure are right before I move forward.

In Summary, I am working away on miniatures, just nothing to see at the moment.